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About Us

The Rotaract Club NITK is one of the exclusive clubs of our institution but at the same time the only non-technical club by nature. The club is a subsidiary of Rotary International and runs by the same governing principles and vision as Rotary. The club has been an active part of the college with its events being some of the most attended and sought after. Rotaract Club has imbibed into itself a nature of caring for the world and the people around and that is an image that we intend to carry on for all times forth.  The Rotaract Club of NITK is a club which seeks to make this world a better place, the vision being to transform the world and people around us by caring for those who don’t have as much as we do and by raising awareness about issues that people should know about. The Rotaract Club seeks to look out for those for whom there is no one to look out for, to lend a helping hand to those whom no one otherwise would even turn back and look at. The Rotaract Club aims to nurture a spirit of sharing and caring amongst people by exposing them to and giving them opportunities to help out and in some small way impact the life of underprivileged people. The main driving force behind the initiatives, actions and events of the club is to contribute to a greater cause and be the cause for a difference in the world and as the Rotaract Moto says: “Be the change” and that is precisely what we envision ourselves to be. 

Events & Projects

What we do to make a difference in this world


NITK Karavali Marathon


Social Initiative Projects (SIPs)


Annual Charity Play


Head Start



Rotaract Core 2021

Feel free to reach out to them individually!

Rtr. Danish Waseem


Rtr. Liz George


Rtr. Akshat Nambiar


Rtr. Sanjo Sabu

Joint Convenor

Rtr. Amaan Siyad

Vice President

Rtr. Suraj Shenoy

Joint Secretary

Rtr. Vaishnav Ajai

Sergeant at Arms

Rtr. Gaurav Hore

Director Vocational Services

Rtr. Sarath Edaparambil

Director Community Services

Rtr. Abhishek Kolari

Chairman Public Relations

Rtr. Siddharth Soy

Director of Youth Services

Rtr. Mohit Khandate

Chairman Technical

Rtr. Olan pinto

Director International Affairs

Rtr. Girish Jeswani

Web Coordinator

Rtr. L Nayanish


Rtr. Devina Kant


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